Introducing is a collection of formal portraits of under 16s.

Initially started in 2013, these studio-based photographs aim to highlight the underrated maturity of today's youth. The majority of youth-related stories in mainstream media focus on negative aspects: we're increasingly unlikely to hear about the positive side to this growing community. The young personalities showcased in this project are the future; a generation that demands to be seen and heard. I know all of the sitters, in most cases since birth. I met with each to collaborate ideas for posing and the styling of each shoot. We viewed research together and decided on a direction to start. However, as hoped, during the shoots each sitter developed natural positions they were comfortable with.

The images are presented in a poster campaign aesthetic utilising both digital and traditional black & photography processes. Shot digitally in the studio the images are then post produced and printed onto acetate, in the form of a large format negative. They are then printed traditionally using Ilford Multigrade fibre-based paper and then scanned from a 12"x16" print. Finally, they're processed in Photoshop and then printed via inkjet.