Kevin Gilchrist was born and raised in Edinburgh, where he is currently based.

His interest in photography was sparked whist travelling around Asia and Australia and likes to travel as often as possible.

A keen interest in light sees him use a mixture of elaborate lighting techniques as well as use of natural light to create atmosphere in his images both in portraiture and still life.


These images were all shot at Orcadia, a charity based in Portobello. They were all shot using available light in and around the centre.

Orcadia provides a safe, secure, enjoyable, friendly, stimulating and challenging environment for children, young people and adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and challenging behaviour.

My aim with this project was to show/capture candid shots of the clients whilst they were taking music and art classes. In the images, I attempt to catch a little of their personality.

I hoped to show a "person" like any other, During day trips with the groups I often notice a lot of people staring or sniggering or not knowing how to interact. I want to highlight that the group are as normal as possible, just like you or me.