Gregor Schmatz is a German born photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. His projects have been featured by Air Canada’s in-flight magazine EnRoute, Men’s File and Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin Online. Recently his work has been exhibited in Boston, USA as part of the Flash Forward Festival.


Always drawn to the US and its iconic imagery, these images are from Gregor's first trip to the eastern United States. His first visit allowed him to explore his own notions of America while processing first impressions. Features images from Montpelier, VT and Guilford, ME.

Gas Station, Maine, May 2015.
This man thought I was photographing and admiring the hills. He told me that soon windmills will cover them, which upset him.

Fisher, Montpelier, VT, May 2015.
This man was skipping work to go fishing. He was happy to have his picture taken but asked me not to post them on social media that day, so his boss wouldn't find out.