David is a photographic project undertaken in memory of my Dad, David. Amongst many gifted objects from my parent's house in London I chose to export a bust of Michelangelo's David to Edinburgh soon after my Dad had passed. Being most familiar with portrait and documentary photography I set about asking men to sit for portraits, the intention being to mimic the pose and orientation of the original. Careful post processing of the images in David is a direct reinterpretation of the finish of the bust; pale and smooth.

I ended up shooting 16 men in total over a two-year period. Over this time the project has been self-fulfilling and whilst I had to coerce some friends into taking part, others volunteered.

I approached Sarah at Axolotl in 2010 regarding the work and decided it would be the ideal venue. Sarah recommended the back room, which was perfect for the work. I shall show 10 works in total across the four walls therein.